Hundreds gather for 10th annual RISE Regulatory Conference

April 8, 2019 -  By

More than 400 pesticide industry leaders gathered at the 2019 CropLife America and RISE Regulatory Conference on April 3-5 in Arlington, Va. There, they discussed innovation, sustainability and the role of regulation.

Photo: RISE

More than 400 leaders from the pesticide industry gathered in Arlington, Va., from April 3-5, for the 2019 CropLife America and RISE Regulatory Conference. Photo: RISE

Hosted by Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment (RISE) and CropLife America, this year’s conference featured experts addressing issues such as the importance of risk-based regulation, pollinator health and the importance of communicating science in an approachable way to consumers and allies.

“Once again at this year’s conference, we’ve seen strong corporate and academic commitment to developing solutions to pest challenges here in the U.S. and around the world,” said Aaron Hobbs, president of RISE. “The full stakeholder chain, including regulators, is dedicated to developing the most effective and precise products possible through cutting-edge science. An efficient and transparent regulatory process ensures we can continue to advance specialty pesticide products that protect our homes, our places of work and all the public spaces we enjoy.”

The RISE Regulatory Conference has provided a forum since 2009 to discuss the science and regulation behind specialty pesticide products.

“Each year, we have the opportunity to hear from the scientists who drive agricultural innovation. These innovations will help us enhance food safety, increase productivity and sustainability and protect human health,” said Chris Novak, president and CEO of CropLife America. “By providing a forum that allows scientists and regulators to understand the benefits of these innovations, we are hopeful that we can maintain an efficient regulatory process that strengthens consumer confidence in our pesticide products.”

Photo: RISE

Pictured from left at the welcome reception are Kevin Finnegan, FMC Corp.; Jill Holihan, FMC Corp.; Ona Maune, Bayer; Carrie Tackema, Nufarm Americas; and Julie Schlekau, Valent. Photo: RISE

Photo: RISE

Pictured here are Kylli Paavola (left) and Katie Swift, both with Liphatech, attending the welcome reception at the 2019 CropLife America and RISE Regulatory Conference. Photo: RISE

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