3D BioSciences adds new insecticide

3D BioSciences announced Pest-Kote a new insecticide that improves the interaction between the insect and insecticide by trapping the insect.

Following the introduction of Stik-Kote at the beginning of the year, 3D BioSciences announces Pest-Kote — a product using patent-pending 3D-IPNS technology to improve spray coverage and enhance the insect pest’s exposure to the insecticide.

Pest-Kote is a multi-purpose insecticide that features improved interaction between the insect and insecticide and can be used on turfgrasses and as an indoor and outdoor premise spray to control a wide variety of insects.

The 3D-IPNS technology in both products employs a three-dimensional immobilizing polymeric net structure that forms on body surfaces and traps the insect in contact with the pesticide active ingredient.

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