5 questions with Bruce Allentuck

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Bruce Allentuck

President, Allentuck Landscaping Co. , Rockville, Md.

1.  Tell me about your company, and how did you get into the business? 

Our company is celebrating 35 years. We’re a residential design/build maintenance company here in Montgomery County, Maryland. We have about 32 staff members and our average tenure for crew leaders is 17 years. It’s a great period in our company. I’ve been in the industry since I was 16. I started out mowing lawns with my best friend. I went and got a degree in landscape design and horticulture from North Carolina State. I was really naïve about the industry; I started the business my junior year of college. My parents’ friends and some relatives tried to discourage me from taking this path, but my parents were steadfast in their support. I’m eternally grateful for that because we have a great business and a great life.

2. How was 2022 Renewal & Remembrance 

This is my second stint as chairman of Renewal & Remembrance. I’ve been involved in it a long time and I plan on staying in it for a long time. This year went fantastic. It was a bigger challenge because we are at two sites: Arlington National Cemetery and the National Mall. Everything went off without a hitch and that’s because we have wonderful people in leadership roles. If you talk to anyone there, they’ll concur that it’s a great experience in these amazing outdoor green spaces that are so important to our country. I think everybody walked away feeling like they contributed.

3. How big is your family and what do you do for fun?  

I have three daughters, all grown, and one grandchild. I’ve been married 33 years. We’re spread out in Dayton (Ohio), Denver and New York City. We talk every single day. We’re a real tightknit unit. We try to get together three times a year, if not more. We were just all out in Denver visiting my youngest, Nellie; she is a sports writer out there (covering the Colorado Rockies). We spent every day hiking and running trails, then visiting breweries — we had a blast. My other two daughters are also doing great things with their lives and I am extremely proud of all of them.

4. You mentioned that you are active in sports. What kind of sports?  

I’m an ultra-endurance athlete. I have been doing that for 20-some years. I’ve done Ironmans, marathons and lots of adventure races. I love trail running now. I’ve done over 100 races. I try to push myself. It’s gotten harder as I’ve gotten older, but I’m hanging in there. I get up around 4 or 4:30 every day. I’m in the pool by 5. I’m a big early morning person; I don’t mind hitting trails in the dark. I have the philosophy that I’m not going to be a top-tier athlete — I don’t have the physiology for it. Whatever I put in is what I get out, and I just enjoy myself, and strive to do my best.

5. Do you have a memorable day at work that stands out?  

I don’t look for big, huge wins. There are so many little wins to celebrate every day. We have a crew leader development program called “Achieves.” We set five people in it every six months. Every other Thursday, they meet for the entire day, and they’re trained by our two production managers, cross-trained in everything we do. Watching these future leaders grow every two weeks is a big thing to me. I come back pumped up and excited. I don’t need big wins and big days. If we eke out something every day to get a little bit better and if we enjoy what we do, that’s enough for me.

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