5 Questions: David Amigo

(Photo: Lisa Amigo)
(Photo: Lisa Amigo)
(Photo: Lisa Amigo)
(Photo: Lisa Amigo)

David Amigo

President, G&G Landscape Solutions, Charlotte, N.C.

1.  What’s the origins of G&G Landscape Solutions?  

In 1989, Hurricane Hugo came through the area and did a lot of damage. Two guys named Gary got chainsaws and started cleaning up. That’s how G&G got started. A few years in, they had a falling out. One of the Garys left, and the remaining Gary started telling folks that G&G stood for “green and growing.” A guy named Richard became the second owner and is responsible for growing the company. He had some health issues and decided to sell the company to me.

2.  How do you like the industry now that you’ve been in it for a few years? 

I love the fact that we build stuff. We have an incredible product. One of the things I love, but I had no idea about until I got into it — are the people. These are salt-of-the-earth people, really hard-working, down-to-earth people. I’ve come across people of every race, religion, skin color and all of that. None of that matters except whether you are a good person or not. We don’t care where you come from; we care that you work hard and are fun to be around. I think this industry is a shining example of the American dream. How many stories have you heard about people who started out mowing yards as high schoolers? My wife agrees. We are in the ACE Peer Group, and she loves the people — they’re all caring and willing to share their successes and failures. I didn’t buy the business because of the people in the industry, but I love the business because of the people in the industry.

3.  What is your expectation for the upcoming season? 

No. 1, the overall economy is not great. I live in a market that is somewhat resistant to that. People move here (to Charlotte) every day. We’re somewhat insulated. But I’m not looking for incredible tailwinds anymore. I think they’re gone. I’m not sure how strong the headwinds are or if they’re there. Maybe it’s neutral. Certainly, in Charlotte, we won’t see what Detroit or Albany, N.Y., will see. Our market is so strong. It won’t take a lot for us to grow.

4.  What do you and your family do for fun? 

Back in 2015, I sold my modular home business. One of the trips we took as a family afterward was to Maine. Subsequently, we purchased a piece of property in Maine. We’ve built phase one of a house … it’s a garage with an apartment above it. My wife spends the summers up in Maine. I travel back and forth. We have three kids; two are still in college and one works for me, which is fantastic. We try to plan our vacations together. We like to spend the week of the Fourth of July in Maine, and then we also just show up there once in a while.

5.  Do you have a most memorable day at work? 

My favorite workday of the year is our Christmas party, which we hold in mid-January. Everybody is happy. I used to do it in December, like everyone else. One year we had it in January because my father had to have triple bypass surgery, and I had to cancel the December party. I made some observations that year. In December, it’s an obligation. People have so much going on. People can’t relax and enjoy it. In January, nothing is going on. The buying presents, wrapping, going to your aunt’s house — all that is over. By having it in January, it goes from an obligation to a celebration. It also allows you to look back at the last year and then look forward to what is coming up. I can thank everybody, but then, by the way … look at all the things that are coming in the upcoming year.

Photo: Seth Jones

Seth Jones

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