Aerators: Which do you prefer and why?

October 16, 2015 -  By

New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte operates a Turfco TurnAer XT5 at the NALP Renewal & Remembrance volunteer service day at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C., in July.

Aaron Pope
Owner, Aaron’s Lawn Care
Virginia Beach, Va.
“I choose the Plugr PL800 because you don’t have the huge engage and disengage lever that wears you out. It works like pistons instead of the normal rolling barrel with plugs. I can turn around on a dime with no engaging and disengaging. The engine starts up with no trouble and is so light and easy to maneuver.”

Andrew Stepp
Owner, Premium Organic Landscapes
Asheville, N.C.
“I prefer the Toro 30-in. Stand-On
Aerator for its ease of use. You can train someone very quickly on how to use it efficiently. Guys don’t get tired as quickly riding on the platform as they do when manhandling the walk-behind types. Plus, 1,200-pounds of down pressure comes in handy in hard, clay-type soil.”

Bob Hoover
Owner, Little Bob’s Landscape Management
Barrington, N.J.
The majority of the properties we
service range from 3,500 square feet to about a half acre.
We use the Ryan
Lawnaire V model for most properties, and we have a Lawnaire IV to get through smaller gates or for small areas with more turns. They both pull a good plug

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