AG Global dealing Parry’s neem pesticides

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AG Global entered into a distribution agreement with Parry America, a subsidiary of EID Parry India Limited, giving AG Global the rights to deal its neem and its all-natural pesticide solutions made of neem.

Parry is the world’s largest manufacturer of Azadirachtin products, which are extracted from neem kernels. 

The evergreen neem tree (Azadirachta indica) is part of the mahogany family and grows predominantly in the drier regions of India. Its seeds can be used as a naturally occurring fertilizer and pesticide. 

“This partnership with Parry America is a direct response to positive research findings and the search for new and environmentally friendly fertilizer and pesticide solutions,” said Brian Iversen, AG Global CEO. “We will be able to incorporate a consistent supply of high-quality neem into our natural and organic product lines, further improving product quality and efficacy.”

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