Agrium program greening school lawns

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Through its “Spread it & Forget it” school year program, Agrium Advanced Technologies (AAT) offers schools the opportunity to use a single application of the fertilizer in the fall to sustain healthy, green lawns and sports fields throughout an academic year, as shown by recent university research.

“The “Spread it & Forget it” school year program will allow schools to move from multiple fertilizer applications per season to just one,” said Eric Miltner, Ph.D., AAT turf agronomist. “The advanced proprietary coating on ‘Spread it & Forget it’ gradually meters nutrients directly to the turf, cutting the amount of nitrogen used and it will help maintain a healthy, dense turf in high-traffic areas and sports fields where the kids play every day.”

The program is open to elementary, middle and high schools, as well as post-secondary institutions.

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