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AGZA and Stihl partner on battery electric equipment advocacy campaign

June 19, 2019 -  By
Ojai, Calif. was declared a certified AGZA city. (Photo: AGZA)

Ojai, Calif. was declared a certified AGZA Green Zone city. (Photo: AGZA)

American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA) is proud to announce a unique collaboration with Stihl to support our independent nationwide campaign promoting the benefits of battery-electric equipment in professional applications. The new effort pairs commercial-grade Stihl battery tools with AGZA’s groundbreaking AGZA Green Zone education and certification programs for sustainable grounds maintenance.

For a decade as the global leader in zero-emission sustainable grounds maintenance strategies, AGZA has been advocating for and supporting the transition from gas to electric operations at schools, universities, sports facilities, golf courses, HOAs, retirement communities, hospitals, hotels and entire cities. AGZA’s groundbreaking certification programs create and verify AGZA Green Zones, and educate and certify AGZA Service Professionals.

AGZA Green Zones are a scalable model proven to slash hourly operational costs, reduce noise levels, and completely eliminate smog-forming emissions, toxic particulate matter, and greenhouse gasses from grounds maintenance.

The Stihl AP line and AGZA Green Zone case studies that feature Stihl equipment can be found at the Stihl website.

What does it take to be a certified AGZA Green Zone?
“It is noteworthy that the clients of most of our major AGZA Green Zones over the past five years have chosen Stihl as their best opportunity to transition from gas to electric while maintaining their professional work loads and aesthetic,” said Luke Massman-Johnson, AGZA’s communications director.

American Green Zone Alliance was founded to give clients and crews the most credible advice on which manufacturers and tools are capable of commercial work production, and which can actually replace gas machines. AGZA will showcase the Stihl AP line, along with a select few other brands of AGZA-approved commercial-grade battery-electric equipment, in its advocacy to mayors and city councils, public works departments, sustainability organizations, and academic, municipal and commercial crews.

“AGZA’s value and credibility depend on our voice remaining absolutely independent,” said Massman-Johnson. “We test and vet tools from all the top manufacturers ourselves, then put the best in the hands of professional crews in commercial, municipal, and academic settings. We insist on the most candid feedback from operators — both positive and negative. That’s our only guide in determining which brands and tools are truly viable to replace gas machines in large-scale electric operations.”

For over a century, the legendary performance of Stihl has made it one of the most respected brands in outdoor power equipment. Stihl was among the first to apply cutting-edge lithium-battery power to a suite of tools that could challenge the performance and work production of gas machines. The 36v AP line of commercial tools pushes the boundaries of battery power, performance and run-times, and secures the brand’s place as AGZA Approved commercial grade battery electric equipment.

“AGZA gives our full-throated endorsement to the Stihl AP line. They are among the best of the best in the cordless lawn and garden sector, capable of performing full-time commercial-grade grounds maintenance, and sufficient to replace gas tools for virtually all routine maintenance tasks. If you are considering making the transition to low-noise zero-emissions operations, the tools already exist to get a professional job done, and the AGZA-Approved equipment from Stihl will provide the best possible outcome.”

“For generations, people have trusted Stihl to help maintain the beauty of their land. Now, with the Stihl battery electric options, we are helping preserve natural beauty on a whole new level,” said Roger Phelps, corporate communications manager at Stihl Inc. “Our new relationship with AGZA will help bring additional awareness to communities and landscape professionals about the benefits of commercial-grade battery products to their businesses and the environment.”

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