Ahmed Hassan heads up project for sick child

April 6, 2015 -  By

Ahmed Hassan and Duane Draughon joined forces with the Mystic Force Foundation to bring a special project to fruition in Miami Springs, Fla., April 10‐12.

The project is a safe, outdoor play space for 2‐year‐old Daniella Collazo, who has stage III neuroblastoma, a form of childhood cancer.

For immunocompromised children like Collazo dirt and grass are potentially harmful, as they harbor germs that could tax her already‐stressed system. Decking, likewise, should be washable and be of a material that can withstand deep cleaning. Ground covering must be soft because an injury for a child with low platelets due to treatments can be life‐threatening.

With support from Mystic Force Foundation, a nonprofit committed to raising awareness toward childhood cancer, Hassan, owner of Ahmed Hassan Landscape Services and TV personality for the DIY Network, and Draughon, of VizX Design Studios in Chicago, have the goal to raise $50,000 toward the project.

Food and donations, lodging, materials and more are still in demand, and supporters can donate through Thoughtful.org.

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