Albaugh increases in-house production of 2,4-D

August 31, 2022 -  By

Albaugh said the company initiated a project to increase the in-house production of the active ingredient 2,4-D in a large-scale, backward-integrated plant in Argentina.

Under the new project, Albaugh said it will substantially increase the production of key intermediates such as chlorine, caustic soda and monochloroacetic acid based on commodity raw materials in Argentina. The final products for the market in the U.S. will be produced at the company’s North America manufacturing facility in Saint Joseph, Mo., utilizing the existing large-scale capacities for both ester and amine formulations of 2,4-D.

Albaugh expects to initiate the project this year and once completed the company expects its total investment in Argentina and the U.S. will exceed $50 million.

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