Arborjet’s fungicide label expands for tip blight control

September 25, 2019 -  By

The label for Arborjet’s Propizol fungicide has expanded to include a 2ee label for diplodia tip blight.

Photo: ArborJet

Photo: ArborJet

This fungicide is injected into a susceptible tree’s vascular system prior to infection. Arborjet recommends applications of the systemic fungicide to be applied in late fall when the resin flow of pines has slowed.

The disease mainly strikes Austrian pine and Ponderosa pine but can also strike Scots and Mugo pines. Infections occur in trees that are 30 years or older. Diplodia tip blight kills branches by infecting vascular tissues with blue strain and causes cankers. Left untreated, the infection can spread and lead to tree death. Environmental stresses, storm damage and moisture stress can also predispose trees to infection.


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