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ArborSystems introduces antibiotic chemical line for direct-inject system

September 4, 2013 -  By

Omaha, Neb.-based ArborSystems introduced a supplement to its no-drill tree treatment system, the Wedgle Direct-Inject Tree Injection System, for ornamental trees, large woody shrubs and palms: a ready-to-use systemic antibiotic direct-inject chemical line.

The new antibiotic line has two chemical products for trunk injection treatment. Terrier Antibiotic is available in 120 ml and 1,000 ml Quick-Connect Chemical Packs and treats Bacterial Leaf Scorch in Elm, Oak, Sycamore, Oleander and Sweet Gum trees; Fire Blight in Mountain Ash trees; Ash Yellows in Ash trees; and Phloem Necrosis in Elm trees. A 120 ml pack treats approximately 20 trees with a 12² DBH. Preventative applications are more effective than suppressive treatment in trees showing disease symptoms.

Springer Antibiotic is available in 1,000 ml Quick-Connect Chemical Packs and is for seasonal suppression of lethal yellow disease in palms. It can be used anytime during the growing season.  A 1,000 ml pack treats approximately 25 palms with a 12² DBH. Both contain Oxytetracycline Hydrochloride.

ArborSystems chemicals are used with their Direct-Inject Tree Injection System as an injection into the flare or base of the tree to ensure even distribution through the trees vascular system for treatment of insects, pests and diseases. It places the chemical deep into the active areas where it can most easily be absorbed. Chemicals are delivered effectively with virtually no environmental exposure associated with foliage spray, soil injection or drenching.

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