This year is busier than any in recent memory, and our salespeople are constantly fielding calls from new prospects. On top of that, we’re hearing from landscape pros across the country that scheduling is a challenge with staffing problems, material shortages, and the usual disruptions from the weather. Demand is at an all-time high for our services in the Dayton area, and unfortunately, we just can’t meet it. Instead of trying to, we’re getting better at screening and staying focused on the clients we can be the most profitable working with.

(Photo: alexsl / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

(Photo: alexsl / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

This year, we’re making sure to prioritize our existing clients. We already have relationships with these people, and they’re more likely to be patient as we work them into our schedule. When we have new prospects, we’re screening them carefully so we don’t waste our time on a client that isn’t a good fit. We have three important questions in our screening process that might help you this week too:

  1. How did you hear about Grunder Landscaping? We know our best leads come from referrals, and the very best come from neighbors of our existing clients. If they live in an area where we already have maintenance clients, they’ll help us build route density and be easier to work into the schedule.
  2. What’s your timeframe for having the work done? Right now we’re scheduling new projects in September or October. If a client needs it done sooner than that, we ask them if they’d be comfortable paying overtime rates so we can meet their deadline. 
  3. Are you ok with our consultation and design fees? We charge a consultation fee and don’t do free designs for new clients. This tactic doesn’t work for every company, but it’s a great way for us to weed out any prospects who aren’t serious. 

We’ll go into more detail on our screening process and help you to prioritize the right sales during our upcoming Virtual Sales Bootcamp on June 29-30. We know this year prospects are easy to find, but join us to learn how to prioritize the right prospects and win the right sales. Join us from the comfort of your home or office, or watch the recordings afterward to catch up. We hope to see you online!

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  1. This year has been a challenge already and its been impossible to schedule everyone in. Your suggestions for screening clients and focusing on the ones that are the best fit are helpful.