Ariens, Gravely introduce new products at GIE+EXPO

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Atlas JSV jobsite vehicle

Photo: AriensCo

Photo: AriensCo

Gravely redesigned its Atlas JSV to give more back to users in more demanding jobsite conditions like construction, ranching, landscaping and everything in between.

All new Atlas JSV models received upgrades through the powertrain. By adding a larger, 999cc, 40-hp SOHC two-cylinder engine, it supplies more power and uses a new heavy-duty clutch with a 32 percent thicker belt for increased durability and a longer belt life. An updated driveline clutches and shifts more smoothly through the automatic transmission from zero to a new top speed of 40 mph, compared to the previous 35 mph limit. While the Atlas JSV keeps its payload capacity of 1,900 through 2,075 pounds (depending on model), its towing capacity increases 25 percent from 2,000 pounds to 2,500.

One of the major focuses in the Atlas JSV redesign was engineering the machine to be more capable through even tougher work environments. With a completely new frame, its one-piece ROPS chassis provides more rigidity, reduced noise in the cabin and compliments a new suspension package designed specifically for work applications. The JSV’s independent rear suspension also increases ground clearance for better handling on uneven terrain.

Identical keys across every JSV model and serial number eliminate worry and the headache of a lost key, and a common tire size for all four corners of the machine gives more value to any one spare. With easy side access to daily service items like the engine air filter, oil filter and oil dipstick, the Atlas JSV boasts easier maintenance, saving time and money.

As with any Gravely product, user experience is at the forefront of any redesign. For the JSV, this comes in the form of added comfort and ergonomics to match the demands of the harshest work environments. Specifically, that’s a better digital display, rejuvenated interior styling, added seat comfort and an additional five inches of space for work boots in the footwells. The flip-up passenger seat creates space for a bucket to carry trash and other materials without needing to sacrifice bed space or seating. Finally, two of the four models come with EPS, or electronic power steering, standard.

“Gravely has done particularly well with understanding the needs of our customers,” said Matt Medden, AriensCo vice president of marketing. “What we learned from studying jobsites and watching how users interact with the JSV is how we landed on the new features in the updated JSV. There were some critical things that needed to be addressed, and we delivered them.”

New Atlas JSV models will be available in four configurations in early 2020 at independently owned and operated Gravely dealerships in the United States and Canada. Those are the 3400 SD, a three-seat, four-by-four with a steel box, electric bed lift and EPS. The 3400, a three-seat, four-by-four with a poly job box and electric bed lift. The 3200, a three-seat, four-by-two with a poly job box, and the 6400, a six-seat, four-by-four with a poly job box, electric bed lift and EPS.

Zenith zero-turn mower

Photo: AriensCo

Photo: AriensCo

Ariens released the Zenith, its first commercial zero-turn lawn mower at GIE+Expo in Louisville, Ky.

Zenith is built on a one-piece, fully welded tubular frame rail that’s been tested and proven to withstand commercial mowing environments. A reinforced leading edge around the front and trim sides of its 10-gauge welded deck plus cold-forged aluminum spindles that generate less heat than traditional cast-iron designs compliment the frame’s strength and reliability in commercial mowing environments. To bolster that assurance, its deck shell and frame feature a lifetime warranty for each unit’s original registered owner.

To meet commercial users’ expectations, Zeniths’ durability is paired with features designed to provide professional results. With a four-point deck hanging system, Zenith’s deck stability in diverse mowing terrain allows the aerodynamics of its 5.5-inch deck depth to lift grass and discharge its clippings effectively and evenly. With a constant deck belt tensioning system, the same pressure is applied to the deck belts throughout the belt life, ensuring minimal belt slip across the spindle pulleys and consistent cut quality as the belt wears.

By taking a comprehensive approach to Zenith’s user experience, Ariens incorporated several ergonomic features into the machine for ease of use and comfort. With adjustable, plush, high back seat with armrests, operators of any stature can easily reach the deck lift pedal to change between one of Zenith’s 15 cutting heights. Effortlessly lift the deck while using a vertical-pin selector to choose a cutting height from 1.5 to 5 inches. Rubber shock isolators under the seat and adjustable steering control levers at the hands reduce vibration and fatigue so operators have spare energy for their families after a full workday.

“While Ariens has been a premium, American manufacturer of outdoor power equipment in homeowner segments, growing sales in our zero-turn lines was an indicator for us to extend that manufacturing expertise into the commercial space,” said Matt Medden, AriensCo vice president of marketing. “We have the engineering talent, notes from other commercial products within the AriensCo family and everything else that it takes to provide a competitive option in the market.”

All Ariens Zenith models are outfitted with commercial Kawasaki FX engines, Hydro-Gear ZT-3100 transaxles and come in 48, 52 and 60-inch deck sizes.

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