Recently, ServiceTitan introduced more than 7,500 customers to a new consultant who never rests, never eats and never even sleeps. It might not be Data from “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, but it could be an invaluable new asset for business owners in a variety of sectors, according to the Los-Angeles based cloud software company.

Titan Intelligence (TI), an artificial intelligence platform designed specifically for the trade industries, launched earlier this spring. TI has the ability to help a company automate repetitive and simple tasks, improve customer experience, predict outcomes and lower costs, the company says. The AI platform is available to all ServiceTitan customers.

Deanna Kawasaki, senior director of data for ServiceTitan, says she believes TI will make a business owner’s life easier and more straightforward because they no longer have to try to be analysts or data scientists.

“The questions that they have like, ‘hey, what are my customers likely to do?’, Titan Intelligence is going to help them get that information,” Kawasaki says. “They can build (the data) into their product as they start to use these questions to give them assisted support. This isn’t about taking jobs. This is about expanding their capabilities, so they can do more with what they have.”

She says that the biggest step for a ServiceTitan customer to embrace TI is to feel comfortable trusting artificial intelligence. She adds that most business owners already trust artificial intelligence, but they might not realize it.

“One of the things that’s really important for us is, and one of the things I know from my experience is, people aren’t going to adopt (TI) if they don’t trust it,” Kawasaki says. “If you look at Waze and Siri, you didn’t trust it at first. You may have double-set a watch or said, ‘Waze says take this street, but I know it’s really this street.’ Experience and time tells us that you can trust it, it is the better solution. And that’s what Titan Intelligence is going to do. We’re going to make it so that you can trust us by making the commitment of trust, transparency, respect and empowerment.”

Kawasaki adds that making a wrong turn with Waze and a wrong turn with a business are two different propositions. One costs a user a few minutes, the other could cost a business thousands. Because of this, she advises ServiceTitan users to “dip their toes in the water” at first.

“It’s a slow shift; it’s like getting used to the ocean,” she says. “You don’t have to jump right in — take it in steps and make sure you feel trust.”

Kawasaki has a background in statistics and business strategy and brings years of experience to ServiceTitan using analytics. She has worked for credit card companies, in home loans, in casino gambling and for Now she brings her talents to a company designed to empower small businesses.

“I love helping businesses, small businesses. I think with experiences like mine, we have experience across multiple industries, so we know data sources and data capabilities,” she says. “We want our customers to understand this — I don’t expect them to get an artificial intelligence degree or a statistics degree, but I want them to know that we did that work, so they can focus on their business and how to run it effectively and efficiently and productively, and that’s what we can do.”

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