Atlantic Water Gardens showcases hardscape products | GIE+EXPO 2019


At the 2019 GIE+EXPO, Atlantic Water Gardens/Oase Living Water showcased its hardscape, filtration and water entertainment products. Check them out with Jim Chubb, regional sales manager of the midwest for Atlantic Water Gardens.

Transcription below.

“Hi, my name is Jim Chubb, I’m from Atlantic/Oase, I’m the Midwest Regional Sales Manager for the company and I’m here to tell you a little bit about what’s going on with the company.

About a year ago Oase came to Atlantic and said we (Oase) want to merge with you and expand worldwide with the company Atlantic, or the products that Atlantic has developed in the industry.

So far things are going really well — we’ve expanded to 170,000 square foot warehouse facility in Aurora, Ohio, and are currently looking at teaching contractors the new brand that’s been added to the Atlantic line which is the Oase product line.

Some of the trends in the industry that are going on right now … the hardscape products are very big for us — the color falls , the spouts and the scuppers and water wall pieces are very big items that contractors are looking for right now.

Moving into the Oase line of products that will help the contractor, we have a pond vac that are for pond cleaning that is exclusive to Oase. We also have some water and entertainment products, filtration for ponds and most of those are for like koi ponds that have issues with dirty water because of the heavy fish load. Oase has superior filtration to do that.

So overall looking at the perspective of the Atlantic/Oase merger we have everything that a contractor could be looking for in installing products into their landscape.”


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(Photo: LM Staff; OXX)

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