August 2013 Web Extra: Snow contract review tips

August 2, 2013 -  By

It’s important to recognize there are many different types of contracts to be considered in the snow business—sales contracts, subcontract agreements, employment agreements, buy-sell agreements and more. This scrutiny comes on top of analyzing and balancing out the entire snow contract portfolio.

All of these contracts may be filled with risk and should be written by or reviewed by a qualified individual. Not all attorneys are qualified to review these contracts. Find an experienced and knowledgeable snow and ice professional to work with if this expertise doesn’t exist within your organization.

The review of contracts should especially include sales contracts provided by the customer. These contracts are often filled with risk that should be understood and may be reduced in some circumstances.

Contract reviews should be conducted to expose and reduce risk, clarify things that are unclear, address potential problems before they occur and protect you in court. Consider what problems arose last winter that might be addressed in contract language. My advice is to prioritize, assign accountability and determine deadlines for off-season contract reviews. The upcoming winter is already on its way.

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