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Abby Hart is the managing editor of Landscape Management. A native Clevelander, she spent 10 years in Chicago, where she was operations manager of a global hospitality consultancy. She also worked as managing editor of Illumine, a health and wellness magazine; and a marketing specialist for B2B publications. Abby has a degree in journalism from Boston University’s College of Communication.

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Poa annua plan of attack Posted on 17 Sep 2018 in the 0918 & Current Issue & Featured & Turf+Ornamental Care categories.

Cooler fall temperatures represent a battle cry to lawn care operators (LCOs) in the Southeast and the Transition Zone—it’s time to combat Poa annua. Also known as annual bluegrass, Poa... Read more»

Web Extra: How The Greenery sweetens the deal with employee incentives Posted on 12 Sep 2018 in the LM Web Extras & Mowing+Landscape Maintenance categories.

How South Carolina-based landscape company The Greenery is diversifying its recruitment efforts to attract labor. Hilton Head Island is known as a picturesque community located on the South Carolina coast.... Read more»

Backstory: Regina Bozalis Posted on 10 Sep 2018 in the 0918 & Current Issue categories.

Regina Bozalis President Turf Team Outdoor Scapes and Management Oklahoma City Education Westmoore High School Oklahoma City Class of 1991 Oklahoma University Norman, Okla. Business 1991-1992 University of Central Oklahoma... Read more»

The buzz on electric equipment Posted on 29 Aug 2018 in the 0818 & Featured & Mowing+Landscape Maintenance categories.

When Greenworks Commercial unveiled its Lithium Z mower line this summer, the manufacturer joined Mean Green Mowers in the commercial zero-turn electric mower market. This segment was bound to gain... Read more»

ProfitLion event covers leadership styles, valuations, women in landscaping and more Posted on 14 Aug 2018 in the Today's Green Industry News categories.

Landscape industry veterans, including business owners and consultants, came together for ProfitLion’s inaugural Seeds for Success training seminar in Pittsburgh. The landscape software company’s July event provided insights to green... Read more»

Greenworks unveils Lithium Z zero-turn mowers, touts benefits of battery-powered equipment Posted on 18 Jul 2018 in the Mowing+Landscape Maintenance & Today's Green Industry News categories.

On July 12, Greenworks Commercial opened the doors to its Mooresville, N.C., headquarters to unveil the first production models of its Lithium Z zero-turn mowers—the first lithium-powered mowers to be... Read more»