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Lewis is a Michigan-based freelance writer.

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How you can get a leg up on brown and large patch Posted on 08 Jun 2022 in the Featured & From the Magazine & May 2022 & Turf+Ornamental Care categories.

Despite sharing some commonalities, brown and large patch develop on different turfgrasses and require different treatment. Read more»

How to scout, diagnose and treat summer patch Posted on 19 Apr 2022 in the April 2022 & From the Magazine & Turf+Ornamental Care categories.

In order to effectively locate, diagnose and treat summer patch, lawn care professionals should consider these tips from some industry experts. Read more»

How heads and nozzles can result in water savings Posted on 23 Mar 2022 in the From the Magazine & Irrigation+Water Management & March 2022 categories.

By choosing the proper sprinkler heads and nozzles, experts say your irrigation clients will see a good return on investment. Read more»

Postemergent chemical and cultural treatments Posted on 15 May 2015 in the Sponsored categories.

By applying the following tips, you can improve the vitality of your clients’ turfgrass this summer. As summer quickly approaches, the next few weeks are critical, especially for lawn care... Read more»