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The author is owner-manager of 3PG Consulting. Reach him at

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Do you have an integrated financial management process? Posted on 19 Nov 2013 in the Blog categories.

Integrated financial management is not accounting. It’s a system of financial management for a landscaping business that relates the most important financial processes to each other in such a way... Read more»

Confessions of a budget freak Posted on 14 Oct 2013 in the 1013 categories.

I am all about eliminating the guesswork we face in our businesses. Yes, I am a budget freak. Some of this stems from what my mentor, Emol Fails, Ph.D., instilled... Read more»

Focus on the right stuff Posted on 10 Jul 2013 in the 0713 categories.

In the last several months in this space, Jeff Harkness, Kevin Kehoe and I have written about sales performance, margin generation (a sign of pricing and productivity) and, of course,... Read more»

Before you fire a customer… Posted on 23 Oct 2012 in the 1012 categories.

As you think about renewing maintenance agreements for next year, do you identify jobs that are underperformers and develop strategies to deal with them? For many of us, the thought... Read more»

How to prevent business failure Posted on 09 Oct 2012 in the 1012 & Business Planner 2013 categories.

As consultants, we’re constantly asked “What are the reasons companies succeed?” or “What do other companies do to make more money?” Recently, I received an unusual question: “What are the top... Read more»

The Benchmark: Time for the 90-day scrub Posted on 07 Jul 2012 in the 0712 categories.

The absolute best management planning document on the planet is the rolling budget. Managed properly, there is no better management tool ever invented. Ever. In my January column, we spoke... Read more»