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Greg Herring has served as a CFO of both public and private companies. Herring is the CEO of The Herring Group, an operational and strategic finance consultancy. He has significant experience in the landscape industry, where he serves business owners challenged by growth by installing financial dashboards and systems that provide more margin for their businesses and their lives. Reach him at

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Grow your Green: Are you selling a commodity or a service? Posted on 29 Nov 2021 in the 1121 & Featured & From the Magazine & Grow your Green categories.

Landscape Management columnist Greg Herring digs into why landscapers should reframe their thinking that they're selling a service, not selling hours. Read more»

Insights on BrightView’s growth, response to wage inflation Posted on 30 Aug 2021 in the Business & LM Exclusive & Today's Green Industry News categories.

Greg Herring of The Herring Group evaluates the growth of BrightView's maintenance business and explains how the company will offset wage inflation. Read more»

How to set your landscape business on a path to growth Posted on 06 Aug 2021 in the 0821 & Business & From the Magazine categories.

Greg Herring shows how hiring the right management team and empowering managers to make good decisions can set your business on a path to growth. Read more»

Grow your Green: Why the performance gap matters in the green industry Posted on 16 Jun 2021 in the 0521 & Business & Featured & From the Magazine categories.

Greg Herring explores why some landscape companies have an operating profit exceeding 10 percent of revenue while others average less than 5 percent. Read more»

BrightView revenue boosted by snow, still searching for growth Posted on 11 May 2021 in the Business & LM Exclusive & Today's Green Industry News categories.

BrightView discovered gold in the form of snow during the quarter ended March 31, 2021. Revenue of $226.0 million from snow removal services in the most recent quarter was more... Read more»

BrightView and the need for growth Posted on 12 Feb 2021 in the Business & LM Exclusive & Today's Green Industry News categories.

If a landscape company wants to grow its landscape maintenance revenue, it can: Sell more maintenance contracts Lose fewer existing maintenance contract customers Sell more ancillary services (e.g. enhancements and... Read more»