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Greg Herring has served as a CFO of both public and private companies. Greg is the CEO of The Herring Group, an operational and strategic finance consultancy. He has significant experience in the landscape industry, where he serves business owners challenged by growth by installing financial dashboards and systems that provide more margin for their businesses and their lives.

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Managed exits and BrightView results Posted on 15 May 2019 in the Today's Green Industry News categories.

Greg Herring reviews BrightView's latest financial records and shares why managed exits are so important for landscape companies. Read more»

Finance expert Herring on BrightView’s first stumble Posted on 11 Feb 2019 in the Today's Green Industry News categories.

In previous articles, I have expressed admiration for BrightView’s ability to grow its operating profit margin quarter after quarter, on a trailing 12-month basis. In the 12 months ended Dec.... Read more»

BrightView financial update Posted on 04 Dec 2018 in the Today's Green Industry News categories.

Managed exits, centers of excellence, wallet share, working capital management. What do those phrases mean? They mean that BrightView Holdings has a strategic plan and is executing that plan. The... Read more»

Compete by mining your financials Posted on 16 Oct 2018 in the 1018 & Business Planner 2019 categories.

How can average companies compete against large companies and lowballers? That’s the question. Here’s the short answer: They can’t. Average companies are just that—they’re average. Middle of the pack. Not... Read more»

Finance expert Herring analyzes BrightView’s financial statements Posted on 15 Aug 2018 in the Today's Green Industry News categories.

BrightView released its financial statements and related disclosures for the quarter ended June 30. This information has great value for owners of landscape companies. I have simplified the company’s income... Read more»

Finance expert sheds light on BrightView’s income statement, profit margins Posted on 03 Jul 2018 in the Today's Green Industry News categories.

Prior to going public, BrightView Holdings filed a 200+ page document with the Securities and Exchange Commission to discuss its business strategy, operations and financial statements. This document is designed... Read more»