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Kevin Kehoe, a longtime landscape industry consultant, is managing partner at Aspire Software.

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Let’s Grow: Year-round spring cleaning Posted on 15 May 2018 in the 0518 categories.

It’s the end of renewal season, and spring work is about to commence. While sitting at your desk late in the day, you receive an email. The message is from... Read more»

Resolve to raise prices Posted on 22 Feb 2018 in the 0218 categories.

Everything is going up: the stock market, gross national product, the cost of labor, your overhead expenses. Yes, everything is going up except your pricing. Resolve that this year, you... Read more»

The secret to growing your business Posted on 20 Nov 2017 in the 1117 & Featured categories.

The secret is not really a secret. Like the secret in life is “hard work,” the secret to sustainable growth is “the system.” There are at least 90,000 landscape maintenance,... Read more»

Web Extra: Make money while you grow Posted on 17 Oct 2017 in the LM Web Extras categories.

Two key parts of a management system are a rolling budget, which points out where problems are, and key performance indicators, which identify what the solutions must be. You hear... Read more»

How to manage your sales process for better results Posted on 04 Aug 2017 in the 0817 categories.

Picture your Monday morning sales meeting: “How are we doing in new sales?” “Good.” “Are we close to getting any new work?” “Oh yeah!” “Really?” “Yeah. Everyone I talked to... Read more»

Leveraging tech to attract millennials Posted on 08 Jun 2017 in the 0517 & Featured categories.

In March, I was in Provo, Utah, at the National Association of Landscape Professionals’ National Collegiate Landscape Competition. If you have not been to this event (formerly called Student Career... Read more»