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Thomas, founder of Envisor Consulting, has owned three of Atlanta’s most successful landscape companies. He is the COO of The Greenery and principal of Envisor Consulting. Reach him at

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Why your leadership blind spots might be holding you back Posted on 05 Sep 2023 in the Featured & From the Magazine categories.

Ken Thomas explains that all leaders have blind spots but you need to be able to identify and minimize your blind spots in order to continue to grow your leadership skills. Read more»

Leadership Advantage: What Atlanta’s finest steakhouse teaches us about process Posted on 19 Sep 2022 in the August 2022 & Business & Featured & From the Magazine categories.

Ken Thomas explains why it's important for landscape companies to identify, develop, document and implement standard operating procedures. Read more»

Don’t overlook the importance of courageous leadership Posted on 10 May 2022 in the From the Magazine & May 2022 categories.

Ken Thomas explains how leaders have to be “courageous” and make tough decisions in order to move the organization forward. Read more»

Leadership Advantage: How offseason planning leads to success Posted on 05 Nov 2021 in the From the Magazine & Leadership Advantage & November 2021 categories.

Landscape Management columnist Ken Thomas explains how offseason planning often leads to success for landscape professionals. Read more»

3 keys to success in commercial maintenance sales Posted on 06 Aug 2021 in the August 2021 & Business & From the Magazine categories.

Want to up your maintenances sales game? Ken Thomas shares three keys to success in selling commercial maintenance contracts. Read more»

Leadership Advantage: Measuring what matters Posted on 16 Feb 2021 in the Business & February 2021 & From the Magazine & Leadership Advantage categories.

Ken Thomas explains the difference between leading and lagging key performance indicators and shows how companies can use them to manage performance. Read more»