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Rain Bird: Drip Products Posted on 18 Sep 2019 in the Product of the Day categories.

Durable, easy-to-install Rain Bird drip products keep your crews moving faster. With every component designed for quick and easy installation, Rain Bird systems let you finish jobs in less time,... Read more»

Corteva Agriscience: Dimension specialty herbicide Posted on 17 Sep 2019 in the Product of the Day categories.

Only Dimension® specialty herbicide controls crabgrass preemergence and early postemergence, eliminating the need to switch products after crabgrass has germinated. This longer window gives turf managers more application flexibility during... Read more»

Irritrol KD2 Series Controllers Posted on 16 Sep 2019 in the Product of the Day categories.

KD2 offers a combination of sophisticated features and familiar operation, making it the ideal residential controller. Its automatic, semi-automatic and manual operations, a range of watering intervals and the ability... Read more»

Plantain problems Posted on 15 Sep 2019 in the Sponsored & WeedWatch categories.

One of the most common weeds, plantains require both herbicides and mechanical efforts for long-term control. Plantains are one of the most common weeds — second only to dandelions —... Read more»

Greene County Fertilizer: 16-21-2 GreenePOP Starter Fertilizer Posted on 15 Sep 2019 in the Product of the Day categories.

16-21-2 GreenePOP™ Starter Fertilizer is a fall or springtime starter fertilizer, or a product to amend phosphorous deficient soil. The biologically-active material contains humic acid and sea kelp to aid... Read more»

Steel Green Manufacturing: Save 5% on 2019 Sprayer/Spreaders Posted on 14 Sep 2019 in the Product of the Day categories.

Have you been waiting to buy a Steel Green sprayer/spreader? Now is the time! While supplies last, we’re taking 5% off MSRP on all 2019 models. SG52: was $12,195—now $11,585... Read more»