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Voories is the COO at Brilar, a Detroit-based landscape maintenance and snow removal firm. He can be reached at

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Know your numbers Posted on 17 Oct 2017 in the 1017 & Business Planner 2018 categories.

Operate profitably by understanding these figures. I can think of no fundamental more important—or anything that yields a greater return—than knowing your numbers. There are many numbers, rates and ratios... Read more»

Guest post: Stop aiming so low; go after the big fish Posted on 20 Jun 2017 in the Blog categories.

Why is it that so many business owners and sales professionals put forth focus and effort toward obtaining the business of small, low-margin clientele, while completely ignoring the high-dollar “big-fish”... Read more»

Beyond ‘what the market will bear’ Posted on 30 Nov 2016 in the 1116 & Featured & Mowing+Maintenance categories.

A landscape company exec takes us back to the basics of cost-based estimating. In my two decades in the green industry, I’ve worked within local landscape companies of various sizes... Read more»