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Marty Whitford is an award-winning journalist and editorial leader at North Coast Media. He is publisher of Landscape Management's sister magazine, Pest Management Professional. He's a graduate of Kent State University’s School of Journalism & Mass Communication and he served a four-year stint in the U.S. Navy.

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Honesty always rings true Posted on 01 Sep 2010 in the 0910 & Editor's Note categories.

Remember what it was like to possess unbridled honesty? For many of us adults, it’s been decades. Unbridled honesty is what made “Liar, Liar” — the 1997 comedy in which... Read more»

Role reversal and the Age of Necessity Posted on 01 Jul 2010 in the 0710 & Editor's Note categories.

It’s the circle of life. As our children grow into adults and we grow into grandparents, we hope our children remember at least some of the things we did for... Read more»

DuPont Professional Products showcases Acelepryn Posted on 01 Apr 2010 in the 0410 categories.

Mike McDermott grinned as he advanced to the next slide in his PowerPoint presentation. It featured a wide-angle shot of DuPont Professional Products’ impressive line-up. “It brings a tear to... Read more»

Do you have multiple personalities? Posted on 01 Mar 2010 in the 0310 & Editor's Note categories.

In 2004, archaeologists digging in Israel unearthed the earliest evidence to date of the controlled use of fire — charred wood and seeds — at a site dating back 790,000... Read more»

Homeless, but not hopeless Posted on 01 Mar 2010 in the 0310 categories.

Chris Gardner, author of the best-selling autobiography ‘The Pursuit of Happyness,’ shares his street smarts with Green Industry professionals. Every time I see the movie ‘The Pursuit of Happyness,’ I’m... Read more»

Let’s not re-enact ‘Lord of the Flies’ Posted on 01 Feb 2010 in the 0210 & Editor's Note categories.

Ever read “Lord of the Flies,” or seen one of the two flicks based on the novel? I only ask because some within the Green Industry have forgotten the book’s... Read more»