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Harwood is a Managing Partner with Pro-Motion Consulting. Reach him at He is a Landscape Industry Certified Manager, NALP Trailblazer, NALP Consultant, and Certified Snow Professional. Harwood holds a BA in Marketing and Executive MBA with Honors from Michigan State University, where he was recently nominated Alumnus of the Decade.

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High Performance: Is the train on track, off track or not moving? Posted on 12 Jun 2019 in the Blog categories.

Now that we’re closing in on the halfway point of the calendar year, it’s an appropriate time to evaluate how the year is going. Many of you are on track... Read more»

High Performance: Empowerment leads to development Posted on 15 May 2019 in the Blog categories.

According to the Gallup organization, lack of development is the number one reason people leave a company. This should come as no surprise because we all want to learn and... Read more»

Recruiting game changer: finding purpose Posted on 14 May 2019 in the 0519 & Current Issue & Snow & Ice Guide & Snow+Ice Management categories.

Why? Why would someone agree to work at night, in the cold, on call, not knowing if a shift is going to last eight hours or 28 hours? Why do... Read more»

High Performance: What’s your company type? Posted on 09 Apr 2019 in the Blog categories.

When it comes to staffing, I encounter three very different types of landscape companies. The first type of company is struggling greatly to find qualified employees. Some of these companies... Read more»

Are you a boss or a coach? Posted on 22 Mar 2019 in the 0319 categories.

Evaluate your management style to determine if you're a boss or a coach. Read more»

High Performance: Don’t send your employees in blind Posted on 13 Feb 2019 in the Blog categories.

Recently, we had a plumbing issue at the house. I began to research how to make the repair myself but decided to call a local plumbing company instead. A service... Read more»