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Harwood is a Managing Partner with Pro-Motion Consulting. Reach him at He is a Landscape Industry Certified Manager, NALP Trailblazer, NALP Consultant, and Certified Snow Professional. Harwood holds a BA in Marketing and Executive MBA with Honors from Michigan State University, where he was recently nominated Alumnus of the Decade.

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High Performance: Don’t send your employees in blind Posted on 13 Feb 2019 in the Blog categories.

Recently, we had a plumbing issue at the house. I began to research how to make the repair myself but decided to call a local plumbing company instead. A service... Read more»

High Performance: Accountability starts at the top Posted on 10 Jan 2019 in the Blog categories.

As the new year begins, it’s a good time to refocus on our goals for the upcoming year. What do we want to accomplish? What are the big strategic goals?... Read more»

High Performance: the ultimate recruiting method Posted on 24 Dec 2018 in the Blog categories.

What’s the best way to recruit people? This question is asked of me more than all others combined. Everyone is looking for the answer, and I’m going to give it... Read more»

Prep your family biz for the next gen Posted on 13 Dec 2018 in the 1218 & Featured categories.

It’s estimated that family-owned businesses comprise up to 90 percent of all businesses in North America. Many are not adequately preparing to transition leadership to the next generation. According to... Read more»

High Performance: Recruiting in a tight labor market Posted on 14 Nov 2018 in the Blog categories.

When employers are struggling to fill open positions, it becomes even more important to be very selective during the hiring process. This may seem counterintuitive, but let me explain. Do... Read more»

Compete by engaging your employees Posted on 02 Nov 2018 in the 1018 & Business & Business Planner 2019 categories.

They say competition brings out the best in people. Is that true? In my experience, it’s not. There are other factors at play. If you want to compete to win,... Read more»