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Robert Schoenberger is Landscape Management's senior editor. He holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from University of Houston. He has worked in magazines and newspapers since the late 1990s. Robert can be reached at

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5 keys to trouble-free reels Posted on 26 Jul 2021 in the 0721 & Current Issue & Featured & From the Magazine & Turf+Ornamental Care categories.

Truck-mounted or fixed, reel systems can withstand harsh outdoor environments with occasional, basic care. Here's a look at how. Read more»

Brand U: Big jobs, tight spaces Posted on 21 Jul 2021 in the 0721 & Current Issue & Design/Build+Installation & Featured & From the Magazine categories.

How Bellas Landscaping carves out its outdoor living niche in the market with Vermeer mini skid-steers by tackling big projects by thinking small. Read more»

How the project can help with determining the best trencher to purchase Posted on 08 Jul 2021 in the 0721 & Current Issue & From the Magazine & Irrigation+Water Management categories.

When choosing equipment to dig a ditch, the type and variety of jobs determine the best purchase and industry experts share advice to help reach a decision. Read more»