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Kanary is Director of Demand Generation for Kuno Creative, a digital marketing agency. A member of the green industry for the past 20 years, he has consulted with green industry companies throughout the U.S. and gives marketing lectures at several industry conferences every year. Kanary is also an adjunct professor of marketing at Baldwin Wallace University and a Certified Google Adwords and Analytics Individual.

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5 marketing tricks, treats Posted on 16 Oct 2018 in the Expert Insights & October 2018 categories.

I’m often tasked with putting together integrated marketing communication plans that encompass several platforms across a variety of media. Growing up in the green industry has given me a lot... Read more»

Data protection and your landscape company Posted on 20 Jul 2018 in the Expert Insights & Featured & July 2018 categories.

For those old enough to remember Y2K, and the worry that came along with it, the recent buzz around the General Data Protection Regulation Act (GDPR) and Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica... Read more»

How to create a job listing on Facebook Posted on 13 Apr 2018 in the April 2018 & Expert Insights & LM Web Extras & Video categories.

Shaun Kanary, director of demand Generation for Kuno Creative, shares an in-depth guide to creating a successful Facebook job post. To learn more about using Facebook ads for recruiting, check... Read more»

How to use Facebook ads for recruiting Posted on 12 Apr 2018 in the April 2018 & Expert Insights categories.

We’re all beginning to realize the power of social media and social media marketing for business. Notably, the most popular social media platform in the world is also a great... Read more»

Get started with Google Ads, part 2 Posted on 22 Jan 2018 in the Expert Insights & January 2018 categories.

In the past year, Google has changed the format of the ads it shows to make them look more like the organic listings that appear below them. The company has... Read more»

Get started with Google Ads, part 1 Posted on 17 Oct 2017 in the Expert Insights & October 2017 categories.

Very few brands have become a part of our vernacular. When consumers want to find an answer to a question or find a service or a product, they simply “Google... Read more»