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Kanary is Director of Demand Generation for Kuno Creative, a digital marketing agency. A member of the green industry for the past 20 years, he has consulted with green industry companies throughout the U.S. and gives marketing lectures at several industry conferences every year. Kanary is also an adjunct professor of marketing at Baldwin Wallace University and a Certified Google Adwords and Analytics Individual.

Posts by Shaun Kanary

Teach your old blog some new tricks Posted on 08 Apr 2016 in the 0416 & Featured categories.

We’ve all heard the statistics that support the business benefits of having a blog on your website. According to a study by Content Crossroads, small businesses with blogs generate 126... Read more»

5 digital marketing plan resolutions Posted on 25 Jan 2016 in the 0116 & Featured categories.

With the new year upon us, we’re all promising ourselves this year is going to be the best one yet. So keeping with the theme of New Year’s resolutions, 2016... Read more»

Web Extra: 5 ideas for video marketing Posted on 31 Jul 2015 in the 0715 & LM Web Extras categories.

Once you’ve learned a little bit about the applications that take video to social media, what does a green industry professional do to translate this into achieving business objectives? Obviously,... Read more»

Video saved the landscape marketer Posted on 07 Jul 2015 in the 0715 & Business categories.

Meerkat. Periscope. Vine. 
Instagram. Sounds like I’ve lost it and have started speaking in tongues, huh? But these words are not gibberish. In fact, they’re the latest craze in social... Read more»

Optimize your website Posted on 01 Apr 2015 in the 0415 & Business categories.

Often I’m asked for my opinion on creating a properly optimized website and what areas to focus on during the process. If there’s one thing I strive to teach my... Read more»

Marketing/tech: Social media advertising Posted on 30 Dec 2014 in the Blog categories.

Social media for business is an enigma. One of the questions I most often get asked is: “I’m a small business with a limited number of followers/fans. It doesn’t do... Read more»