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Avant Tecno adds new loaders

August 15, 2018 -  By
Avant 423

Avant 423 (Photo: Avant Tecno)

Avant Tecno introduced two new loaders, the 423 and 523. The new models replace the existing 420 and 520 models.

The new, larger 22-hp Kubota D902 engine brings more power to the Avant 400 and 500 series, the manufacturer said. The engine generates more power at lower rpm (9 kW instead of 6 kW at 1600 rpm) and achieves 50 percent more torque compared to the previous 400 and 500 series.

With the new engine, both cabin noise and overtaking noise has been reduced, and the engine’s cooling system enables the use of a lower power fan.

Avant 523

Avant 523 (Photo: Avant Tecno)

The new rear frame of the 423 and 523 features a practical design and durable components, Avant said. Service targets can be accessed more easily, and the optional hydraulic front outlet is fitted to the edge of the rear grille. The new design also enhances air flow through the radiator, said the company.

The 423 and 523 provide a lift height of more than 9 feet and a top speed of more than 7 miles per hour. The 423 boasts a lift capacity of more than 1,200 pounds and the 523 has a lift capacity of about 1,750 pounds.

The Avant 523 also features Optidrive, a renewed driving circuit. Instead of the mechanical shafts, there are four separate hydraulic motors that transmit the power to the wheels—one engine for each wheel. The number of hoses and connectors has been reduced, further decreasing friction and making the the driving circuit more efficient.

The Avant 423 is also now available with stronger panels featuring a protective coating on the inside and out. The panels are UV protected and abrasion-, chemical- and corrosion-resistant, said the company.

It’s ideal for arborists and landscapers looking to enhance productivity and tackle various jobs while preventing ground damage, according to the company.

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