Azo Root now available from Harrell’s

(Photo: Harrell's)
(Photo: Harrell's)

Harrell’s, in collaboration with 3BarBio, launched Azo Root. Azo Root is designed to deliver live, high-concentration Azospirillum brasilense microbes directly to plant roots to promote better growth, faster recovery and greater stress resistance, according to the company.

The new product’s formula addresses traditional challenges in microbial product efficacy by maintaining the viability of its beneficial bacteria from production through to application, which resolves longstanding issues such as poor survival rates in transit, ensuring that users receive a potent and effective product.

“With Azo Root, we’re not just selling a product; we’re offering a cornerstone for advanced root health programs,” said Dr. Paul Giordano from Harrell’s. “Our trials on golf courses and in nursery settings have consistently shown that Azo Root outperforms standard treatments, making it an essential addition for anyone looking to boost plant vitality and growth.”

Initial trials conducted by Harrell’s, including testing at Virginia Tech with Xunzhong Zhang, Ph.D., have demonstrated significant improvements in turfgrass root health under stress conditions. These include increased root length, volume, and overall biomass, showcasing Azo Root’s ability to enhance plant resilience and nutritional efficiency effectively.

Azo Root is now available exclusively through Harrell’s and can be integrated into existing soil management and spray programs.

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