Azuga adds accident analysis tool

September 11, 2023 -  By
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Azuga, a provider of fleet telematics, debuts its collision reconstruction solution, a telematics-integrated accident analysis tool.

Key benefits of Azuga’s collision reconstruction solution include:

  • Real-time insights: Instant access to comprehensive details surrounding an accident.
  • Clear accountability: A decisive proof when a driver is not at fault, helping protect the company’s and its employees’ reputations.
  • Process insurance claims faster: Resolve claims faster, reducing downtime and associated costs.
  • Reduce legal expenses: Get a marked decrease in litigation expenses by providing accurate and detailed data about the incident.
  • Enhanced driver training: Improved driver coaching and accident reduction through collision and near-collision data insights.

Advanced features of Azuga’s collision reconstruction include:

  • Comprehensive accident details: Vehicle, driver, time, date and geolocation details for a complete understanding of the accident.
  • Visual context: The actual location maps and photos from Google Maps provide visual context to the incident.
  • Pre-collision route analytics: Pinpoint potential causative factors.
  • Detailed collision data: Understand the point of impact and force of impact (G-force).
  • GPS positioning: Exact longitudinal and lateral acceleration (mph/second), offering insights into vehicle dynamics pre and post-collision.
  • Synchronized video playback: See video of the accident, telemetry data and Google Maps location on the same screen, delivering a holistic real-time view of the accident.
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