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Photo: Strathmore

Photo: Strathmore

Jessica Milligan

General Manager & Vice President
Strathmore Integrated Grounds Management
Lasalle, Quebec, Canada


St. Thomas High School
Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Canada
Class of 1998

McGill University
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

“I was in university in my early 20s and then stopped to have a family. But as soon as my daughter was born, I started going to night school, so I’m slowly working toward a bachelor’s degree (in business administration). One course at a time, I’m hoping to have my bachelor’s degree by the time I’m 40.”

University of Montreal
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Work Experience

Paper girl
Montreal Gazette
Sainte-Anne de Bellevue,
Quebec, Canada

“I had a paper route all through high school. I learned the responsibility of getting out there every day.”

Strathmore Integrated
Grounds Maintenance
LaSalle, Quebec, Canada

Administrative assistant,
operations management, human resources and finance
Strathmore Integrated
Grounds Management

General Manager & Vice President
Strathmore Integrated
Grounds Management

“At this point, I support all the different departments where they need it at any given time.”

Did you know?

Photo: Strathmore

Photo: Strathmore

“We’re having really rapid growth, so knowing what the next role or challenge or position is isn’t always easy. It’s sometimes a question of trying to motivate people and get them on board to
the overall mission without knowing what their actual role is going to be in that.”

Photo: Strathmore

Photo: Strathmore

“My grandfather started the company in 1963, so we’re third generation. My brother (Gordon Milligan, center) and I are taking over from our father (Danny, left).”

Photo: Strathmore

Photo: Strathmore

“We’re a family of six kids. That’s an important part of the legacy that we’re trying to build for the company. It’s been really important to have clearly defined roles to know who’s doing what, to make sure that nothing gets missed and also that there’s no overlap.”

Words of wisdom

“As managers, we need to stop being frustrated by people’s ‘lack of common sense.’ We need to break down our instructions in such a way that we do not assume ‘common sense’ will help people fill in the gaps.”

“Investing in business management software has been one of the biggest catalysts to our profitable growth. Using a software well forces process and discipline on the company, even during the craziest times of the year.”

Photos: Strathmore

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