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lm0916_headshotoutlinerWilliam Dellecker

Executive Vice President
Yellowstone Landscape
Bunnell, Fla.


Wolfson High School
Jacksonville, Fla.
Class of 1974

Stetson University
Bachelor’s in Business
Class of 1977

“I credit being an RA with teaching me early lessons about people. It was fun.”

Master’s in Business
Class of 1978

Work Experience

Various positions
Southeast Florida

General Manager
McBride Packing Co.
Seville Agricultural Services
Seville, Fla.

“I joined my father-in-law’s business. Six months into my career there we had a horrible freeze. It shut down the packing house business.”

1986 –2002
Executive Vice President
Seville, Fla.

“The agricultural tragedy led to creation of ferneries, agricultural production and FernTrust. We joined with other growers and collectively we were able to create something that was a force in the market.”

Senior Vice President
Austin Outdoor
Bunnell, Fla.

“I was introduced to a young man who was growing his landscape business in East Central Florida in 2002. I was looking for a new challenge, and it was the intersection of my interests and abilities.”

Executive Vice President
Yellowstone Landscape
Bunnell, Fla.

Austin Outdoor and BIO Landscape combined to form Yellowstone in 2008. They dropped their legacy brands in 2015.

Did you know?


“I live on a small Central Florida lake—my very own golden pond. I enjoy water and the peace that it brings.”


Dellecker with his wife, Karen, and sons Brett (left) and Drew. “My family is central to my life.”


Since 2012, Dellecker has been posting weekly on his blog, Cultivation(s), located at “It’s a personal pursuit, but it certainly does touch on work. It’s aimed at the foundation of a business: leadership teamwork, relationships, success.”

Words of Wisdom

“Anyone around me very long is going to hear ‘First who, then what?’ which I happily borrowed from (author) Jim Collins. The most critical decisions involve people—those we hire and those with whom we associate.”

“People first. Purpose second. Details always.”

“Growth for the sake of growth doesn’t really mean anything, but growth creates opportunity for people. I share this often, ‘Good people will join a company for a job, but they will stay for opportunity. If you cultivate people, they will grow.’”

Photos: William Dellecker

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