BASF details investments, innovations at Ag Media Summit

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BASF has invested in the North American market, the company said on June 11 at its Ag Media Summit in Research Triangle Park, N.C. Most of the investments fall on the agricultural side of the chemical company’s business, but some affect the turf and ornamental (T&O) and related markets.

For example, the new Sultan miticide, with the active ingredient cyflumetofen, is proposed for landscape use.

Another investment is the expansion of BASF’s in-field staff by 150 experts in North America, highlighted by the Innovation Specialist advisory program initiated in 2012. Innovation Specialists provide direct agronomic and decision support to customers.

“Supporting our customers is our No. 1 priority, and we continually collaborate with them to address the issues that matter most,” said Nevin McDougall, senior vice president, BASF Crop Protection North America. BASF’s T&O portfolio is part of its Crop Protection division.

BASF also announced its development and license agreement with Tokyo-based Mitsui Chemicals Agro (MCAG) to commercialize a new insecticide outside of Japan and some other countries where MCAG will hold the rights.

The insecticide, which features a new mode of action, controls termites, ants, cockroaches and flies in the professional pest management market and caterpillars and beetles in specialty and row crops.

Both companies intend to develop unique formulations for specific markets and applications. Research will continue over the next three years, with the first registration submission in 2016 for Japan, with other markets following in 2017.

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