Bayer unveils Specticle Total

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Bayer released Specticle Total, a nonselective herbicide for landscape and hardscapes. Photo: Bayer

Environmental Science, a division of Bayer CropScience, brought Specticle Total to the nonselective herbicide market.

The product not only kills weeds but also prevents them from growing for up to six months, according to Bayer.

“Landscape managers struggle to maintain effective, season-long control of weeds in landscape and hardscape areas,” said Jeff Michel, herbicides business manager for Bayer’s professional turf and ornamentals business. “Specticle Total helps them save time and money by delivering effective, long-lasting control in a convenient application—thereby reducing the need for retreatments.”

Specticle Total is rainproof in 30 minutes and can be used in landscape and hardscape areas, such as mulched areas and around ornamental plants and grasses. It can be used around buildings, fence rows, decorative gravel and lava rock areas, as well as in parking lots, paths and walkways, driveways and sidewalks, patios, rocky or sandy areas in desert climates and bare-ground, non-crop areas.

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