Belchim enters supply agreement with Albaugh

November 20, 2019 -  By

Belchim Crop Protection USA entered into an exclusive supply agreement with Albaugh for its pelargonic acid-based products, including Beloukha Garden Herbicide, specifically to support the turf and ornamental industry in the United States.

Beloukha is a bio-based, foliar-applied, contact herbicide made from sunflowers that provides burn down of both annual and perennial broadleaf and grass weeds, as well as most mosses and other cryptogams. As a USDA-Certified Biobased Product, Beloukha is visibly effective within hours and leaves no residue, Belchim reports.

Under this agreement, Albaugh will work within its channel of distribution via Prime Source and SiteOne Landscape Supply, to make Beloukha available to the commercial turf and ornamental sectors throughout the U.S. Belchim USA will provide both product registration and data support.

“We’re excited to enter into this agreement with Albaugh as they bring the resources and ready access to the larger retail market,” said Tom Wood, general manager of Belchim USA. “The combination of our pelargonic acid and their innovation in formulation technology will be a winning solution that will benefit the Turf and Ornamental industry for years to come.”

Russ Mitchell, specialty director at Albaugh echoes this sentiment.  “Belchim USA has brought an effective, plant-based, bio-friendly product application to the market at a time when both the general public and commercial landscapers are seeking alternatives to traditionally used herbicides. With this agreement, Albaugh is excited to be able to address the pressing need within the turf and ornamental industry with a sustainable solution.”

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