Berwyn Lawnmower takes action


Berwyn Lawnmower, a commercial and residential equipment dealer in Berwyn, Pa., is not taking the coronavirus pandemic lightly.

“Considering we’ve just entered our busy season, this could be disastrous for a small business and impact the landscapers and homeowners that rely on us this time of year,” says owner Kevin Ercole.

All employees are asked to wear latex gloves at all times during business hours, and mechanics are encouraged to wipe down their tools and tool bins prior to closing each day.

“We have also asked for them to stay in their own work areas and give each other ample space,” he says. “Any employees assisting customers are asked to wipe down any surfaces the customer may have been in contact with. If a customer signs a receipt, he or she may keep the pen.”

The company has also stocked up on Lysol, Clorox Wipes, 409, latex gloves and hand sanitizer. Keyboards, computer mice, countertops, doorknobs and bathrooms are to be cleaned throughout the day using those products. Employees wipe down customers’ equipment (blowers, chainsaws, hedge trimmers, etc) and pressure wash larger pieces of equipment with Simple Green cleaner after being worked on.

The cleaning precautions started roughly three weeks ago and have kept up ever since.

“Everyone is just a little more mindful now and washes their hands much more frequently,” Ercole says. “As things have worsened in Pennsylvania, only one to three customers are permitted to enter the showroom at once. This has been received well, and everyone is being patient and waiting until it’s their turn. During warmer days, the entrance doors are opened to allow fresh air to circulate throughout the building.”

All employees have been briefed on the situation and are aware of what’s going on locally and nationally.

“They understand if the state of Pennsylvania asks us to shut down, then we must follow the rules until it is safe to resume normal business activities,” Ercole says. “While they are concerned, they haven’t let it get them down. Everyone is still showing up on time and working to their standards. By no way are any of our employees getting laid off. We will continue to support them financially until this pandemic is under control.”

The company has already seen a drop in walk-in business just this week, while phone and email inquiries are up.

“As the shutdowns continue, businesses like ours will continue to grow quieter as no one wants to come out and look at or purchase new equipment,” he says. “It’s unfortunate that this pandemic is hitting just as the spring season kicks into gear — this is the time where most dealers profit the most (sales and service work).

Sarah Webb

Sarah Webb

Sarah Webb is Landscape Management's former managing editor. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Wittenberg University, where she studied journalism and Spanish. Prior to her role at LM, Sarah was an intern for Cleveland Magazine and a writing tutor.

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