Beware the angry football fan


Here’s a picture of one of two famed oak trees that stand at Toomer’s Corner, the gateway to the Auburn University campus. For 130 years, the two trees provided a stately welcome on the campus to students and visitors alike.

The oaks symbolized the university’s school spirit, and it was a longstanding tradition at Auburn to drape them heavily in toilet paper after every football victory (see image at bottom).

But two years ago, an angry University of Alabama football fan poisoned the trees with herbicide, upset that Auburn beat Alabama in their face-off a week prior. Now, both trees look like this. Pretty heartbreaking.

On April 20, the City of Auburn and the university are hosting an event called “Celebrate the Tradition.” Held after the annual A-Day spring football game, it will give fans one last chance to roll the trees in toilet paper and bid them adieu before they’re chopped down completely.

The school also will unveil its future landscaping plans for the site that day, as the community boldly moves forward. It will be interesting to see what those plans are.

It’s true that with every end comes a new beginning, but I can’t help but feel it’s a needless end these trees have come to.


What the trees looked like before, courtesy mnn.com user 11739
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