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Location: Miami
Company: Greensleeves

Brickell City Centre transformed a nine-acre tract into an entertainment and shopping district in the heart of Brickell, the main financial district of Miami. The developer sought to incorporate the concept of biophilia in the design, with natural ventilation and native landscaping.

The Gold-LEED-certified $1.5-billion, 5-million-square-foot project opened in phases over four years.

The 40-story East Miami hotel is a centerpiece of the east block of Brickell City Centre. East Miami features extensive plantings in the pool, restaurant and bar areas. A total of 13,300 plants were installed on the east block alone and lifted by crane as high as 525 feet.

Greensleeves assisted landscape architecture firm ArquitectonicaGEO with respecifying plants for the project and was responsible for the landscape installation and maintenance.

The project earned Greensleeves a 2017 Grand Award from the National Association of Landscape Professionals’ Awards of Excellence program.

Top of skyscraper (Photo: ArquitectonicaGEO)

(Photo: ArquitectonicaGEO)

Sugar is 500 feet above the East Miami hotel, with a mesmerizing garden. On right, 7,600-square-foot green roof with Peanut, atop a 15-story building.

Brickell project under construction (Photo: ArquitectonicaGEO)

(Photo: ArquitectonicaGEO)

First trees up. Tower crane required for 20-foot Clusia at Sugar. Visible are 3000-pound supersacs of media used throughout project.

Sugar bar (Photo: ArquitectonicaGEO)

(Photo: ArquitectonicaGEO)

Majestic water and city views at Sugar.

Foliage at Sugar bar (Photo: ArquitectonicaGEO)

(Photo: ArquitectonicaGEO)

Sugar bar features foliage at every turn and abundant views create atmosphere.

Climate ribbon (Photo: ArquitectonicaGEO)

(Photo: ArquitectonicaGEO)

Three skyscrapers and two office buildings connected to the “Climate Ribbon” comprise the center at the water’s edge.

Quinto view (Photo: ArquitectonicaGEO)

(Photo: ArquitectonicaGEO)

Quinto, a garden terrace restaurant with open sky views at East Miami. Tallest tree here is 12 feet due to the retractable roof.

East side view of Quinto (Photo: ArquitectonicaGEO)

(Photo: ArquitectonicaGEO)

East side of Quinto, with open terrace and dining area and dazzling views of mall from the balcony.

Top of CIstern building (Photo: ArquitectonicaGEO)

(Photo: ArquitectonicaGEO)

On top of Cistern Building, across from Quinto, is the second green roof on the east block, 4,500 square feet, comprised of native plant material.

Metromover (Photo: ArquitectonicaGEO)

(Photo: ArquitectonicaGEO)

Metromover delivering passengers to mall and downtown area, which is a hub of activity and located at far east end of the center.

Pool deck of East Hotel (Photo: ArquitectonicaGEO)

(Photo: ArquitectonicaGEO)

Pool deck of East Hotel, basking in 30-foot palms and 1,000 native Bahamian and Floridian foliage plants.

Pool landscape amid skyscrapers (Photo: ArquitectonicaGEO)

(Photo: ArquitectonicaGEO)

Pool landscape creates an inviting oasis.

Secluded sitting area with views of Climate Ribbon (Photo: ArquitectonicaGEO)

(Photo: ArquitectonicaGEO)

Secluded sitting area off of pool deck, with spectacular views of the Climate Ribbon. Past the bar lies the open view of the mall.

Twenty-foot polywrapped palms (Photo: ArquitectonicaGEO)

(Photo: ArquitectonicaGEO)

Twenty foot palms polywrapped for lift to second mall level and then transported 500 feet. Metal facades on ground were just one of many obstacles.

Shop owners and crews prior to opening (Photo: ArquitectonicaGEO)

(Photo: ArquitectonicaGEO)

Nineteen hours prior to opening, the construction crews and shop owners were scrambling.

Main entry into mall (Photo: ArquitectonicaGEO)

(Photo: ArquitectonicaGEO)

Main entry into mall from South Miami Avenue, depicting lush tropical look within each planting bed.

South Miami Avenue cars driving under mall bridge (Photo: ArquitectonicaGEO)

(Photo: ArquitectonicaGEO)

South Miami Avenue cars drive under mall bridge. Depth difference equated height of palms planted on street. Twenty foot coconuts; third level.

Plantings in mall (Photo: ArquitectonicaGEO)

(Photo: ArquitectonicaGEO)

With over 2,200 plantings in the mall, the greenery enhances the inspiring view of the Climate Ribbon and overall architecture.

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