Big Picture: Raise the roof

photo: Association of Landscape Professionals
The Town and Gardens team designed and built the private roof spaces for more intimate gatherings and outdoor grilling.

LOCATION: New York City

COMPANY: Town & Gardens, Long Island City, N.Y.

THE DETAILS: To match the developer’s vision for these contemporary condos in Manhattan’s East Village neighborhood, Landscape Architect Jordan Clough created a design featuring modern, innovative materials and native/adaptive plant material.

Town & Gardens built private roof spaces, the common roof garden and streetscape entrance planters.The steel-plate elements, built in solid lengths up to 12 ft., required a coordinated installation with other tradesmen due to their weight and size.

“The planting palette required a selection of vibrant, high-contrast grasses, perennials and succulents, selected for their ability to quickly colonize and thrive on a sunbaked roof, and reflect the urban aesthetic of the neighborhood,” Clough says.

This project earned a National Landscape Awards of Excellence Merit Award from the Association of Landscape Professionals.

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