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Big Picture: Top Tier

November 11, 2015 -  By

LOCATION: Suburban Colorado

COMPANY: Lifescape Colorado, Denver

THE DETAILS: The client’s design goal for Denver-based Lifescape Colorado was to surround a manicured clubhouse with beautiful, native, mature-looking surroundings. Plant materials were chosen based on aesthetics, multiple seasons of interest and their resistance to the local wildlife foraging.

The client’s desire for a sense of maturity led to the decision to transplant dozens of 40- to 50-ft.-tall ponderosa pine trees salvaged from the road and golf course construction zones. The process took place during the heat of the summer, so the crew planted the trees during the cooler hours of the day. They immediately installed a working irrigation system around the new grove and achieved a boxed tree transplanting viability rate of more than 90 percent. This success rate, notes Lifescape Colorado’s Michael Hupf, “astounded the client.”

The results earned Lifescape Colorado a 2014 Merit Award from the National Association of Landscape Professionals’ National Landscape Awards of Excellence Program.

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