Bobcat adds new trenching and grading buckets for compact excavators

March 23, 2018 -  By
Bobcat Company

e32 compact excavator with bucket.

Bobcat Company expanded its attachment lineup with the redesigned trenching buckets and new grading buckets for Bobcat’s E26 through E85 compact excavators.

Both buckets will offer operators increased durability and reliability, maximum digging capabilities and easier clean out when cleaning ditches, backfilling, leveling or grading, Bobcat said.

The grading buckets—available in 36-, 48- and 60-inch widths and equipped with waffle plates—share the same profile as Bobcat’s trenching buckets and don’t contain internal center gussets. The design offers a larger capacity than current grading buckets and allows for more material to be moved in one cycle of the excavator work group.

The trenching bucketsavailable in 12-, 16-, 18-, 20-, 24-, 30- and 36-inch widthsfeature a replaceable cutting edge, leaving a smooth work area when a job is completed. A toothed version, featuring the same teeth as the previous bucket model, is also available. Additionally, a scalloped cast side cutter has been added.

Both buckets are optimized to fit the standard clamp and the optional Pro Clamp System. The Pro Clamp grading tool can serve as a smooth cutting edge when grading or trenching with a toothed bucket. It can also be reversed to serve as a clamshell when paired with a smooth lip bucket.

The buckets can be interchanged using the X-Change attachment mounting system that’s standard on most Bobcat excavators or the optional Hydraulic X-Change system for faster attachment changes.

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