Bobcat electric ZT6000e zero-turn mower now commercially available

Bobcat's electric ZT6000e zero-turn mower. (Photo: Bobcat Co.)
Bobcat's electric ZT6000e zero-turn mower. (Photo: Bobcat Co.)

Bobcat Co. has made its battery-powered, electric ZT6000e zero-turn mower, powered by a 20.4-kWh, lithium-ion battery, available commercially.

“The ZT6000e is designed for both lawn care professionals and other businesses that want to create their own professional-grade results in a more sustainable way,” said Daniel Stibral, Bobcat grounds maintenance product specialist. “It’s highly maneuverable, efficient and takes on challenging mowing tasks with precision, ease and the perfect cut.”

On a single charge, the ZT6000e provides up to 8 hours of runtime and can mow up to 23.8 acres, depending on conditions. The machine can be fully recharged in a little over 6 hours with a 240-volt connection, or in about 12 hours using a 120-volt connection.

Built with heavy-duty, dual-tubed steel framing for maximum durability, the ZT6000e features include three drive response modes, travel speeds up to 10.9 mph and a comfortable command station with a high-back deluxe suspension seat and an intuitive control layout.

Its three drive response modes allow operators to choose how the ZT6000e responds to the movement of the lap bars, whether operators like a more gradual response, quick, instant feedback or a response somewhere in between.

The ZT6000e is equipped with the AirFX cutting system and is available with either a 52-inch or 61-inch deck.

Three independent electric motors provide high and low blade speeds to make quick work of both heavy and light mowing conditions. Change the blade speed on the go to meet various mowing conditions.

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