Brand U: A Kubota convert

Kubota mower (Photo: Kubota)
Kubota mower (Photo: Kubota)
Kubota mower (Photo: Kubota)
(Photo: Kubota)

Frank Seems, owner of Seems Landscape Design in Belmar, N.J., just recently started purchasing Kubota mowers when he determined they were better quality and a better price than what he had been using.

“I’m not one to change,” he says. “I like what I like. But we don’t have many dealers around here that were dealing parts or service anymore (for the machines we were using). Our downtime was a week or two instead of a day or two.”

Brian Lonergan, president of Ace Outdoor Power Products in Bayville, N.J., is Seems’ dealer. He suggested the company give Kubota a spin. After the crew demoed some equipment and found they liked it, Seems purchased three Kubota mowers: Z725 (60-inch) and Z723 (48-inch) zero-turns and a WG14 (36-inch) walk-behind. The company’s mowing crews use the mowers to trim the turf on residential, commercial and industrial job sites.

“It was one of my guys who loved using it,” Seems says. “I don’t cut grass, I’m mostly in the office, but we found out we purchased one and the guys were fighting over who wanted to use the mower.”

The company has plans to purchase two more Kubota mowers this spring. So, why do they like them so much? In Seems’ opinion, “As far as reliability and cut and price point, you can’t get a better mower.”

More about the mower

The three Kubota mowers Seems purchased all run on gas. Their maintenance is handled in-house, and the crew at Seems Landscape Design is used to working with gas-powered machines.

According to Seems, the operators like the comfort of the machines. The crews typically put about 1,000 hours a year on its mowers, so being comfortable while operating the mower is an important feature.

The machines are extremely easy to maintain, Seems says. The crews still change the oil every two weeks, but they haven’t had any issues with the machine itself. “As long as you change the air filters and fuel filters, there’s not really much more you can do,” Seems notes. “We sharpen the blades every two days, change the oil every two weeks, which we would do with any mower.”

The No. 1 thing Seems likes about the Kubota mowers is the quality of the cut they produce. “It was a very nice cut,” he says. “We got the vacuum bagger attachment, and it saved us a lot of time and work. Once we acquired one and used it and liked it, we purchased another one.” With plans to purchase two more this spring, it looks like the size of the fleet will keep on growing.

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