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Turf Tracer mower (Photo: Exmark)
Turf Tracer mower (Photo: Exmark)
Turf Tracer (Photo: Exmark)
Photo: Exmark

Russell Landscape has been around for 32 years. The Sugar Hill, Ga.-based company has been using Exmark mowers for about 28 of those.

Founded in 1987, the company employs about 425 people across seven branches in the Southeast and boasts about 300 Exmark mowers in its fleet, according to CEO Teddy Russell.

“We are a commercial landscape contractor, and so we have all different-sized properties. The Exmark mowers are good for all types of properties,” Russell says.

About 70 percent of Russell Landscape’s fleet is comprised of Turf Tracers (pictured here), hydro-drive walk-behind mowers. The remaining 30 percent is made up of zero-turns, like the Lazer Z, with 60- and 72-inch deck sizes.

The company originally chose to go with Exmark based on a recommendation from its dealer, The Howard Brothers.

“The Howard Brothers are engaged with what we’re doing, everywhere from our needs in service to new equipment,” Russell says. “The relationship has been there since we started our business, and they are almost like family to us now.”

He adds, “Exmark has also always had that family feel. They’re genuine about their recommendations and wanting something that’s going to be a best fit for our company.”

More details

  • Russell says his operators appreciate the stability and easy-to-use controls that Exmark’s mowers provide. “The operators don’t like a mower that has a lot of vibration in it. Exmark’s mowers aren’t uneven, provide a nice, even cut and don’t wobble around,” he says.
  • The hydraulic drive system enables the mower to back up, so it can get in and out of tight spaces, according to Russell. “We could actually utilize larger mowers because of that,” he says.
  • Large deck sizes, such as 96, 72 and 60 inches (pictured), help reduce the number of man-hours needed to complete jobs.
Sarah Webb

Sarah Webb

Sarah Webb is Landscape Management's former managing editor. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Wittenberg University, where she studied journalism and Spanish. Prior to her role at LM, Sarah was an intern for Cleveland Magazine and a writing tutor.

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