Breaking down the booths: A roundup of what to see at Equip Expo

Ariens plans to launch a record number of products at Equip Expo. (Photo: Chris Higdon)
Ariens plans to launch a record number of products at Equip Expo. (Photo: Chris Higdon)

The loneliest job at Equip Expo headquarters in Louisville, Ky., is that of the person selling exhibitor booth space for the 2022 show. Because, for months now, the show has been sold out of exhibitor space.

Equip Expo 2022 — rebranded from the old GIE+EXPO show — is bursting the Kentucky Exposition Center at the seams with exhibitors, demo areas and new equipment to help improve the efficiency of the lawn care and landscape professionals. As a preview of what attendees will see from Oct. 19 to 21 in Louisville, LM reached out to exhibitors and asked them what “showstopper” equipment they would have on display.

We think the following 28 products will make you put the brakes on when you see them in person.


Indoor Booth No. 5068

Outdoor Booth No. 8000D

(Photo: Stihl)
(Photo: Stihl)

The Stihl 135 professional battery equipment platform is packed with Stihl quality and durability to deliver true commercial-grade power and performance comparable to gasoline-powered tools but with zero exhaust emissions and low noise. The advanced Stihl lithium-Ion battery technology offers users an option to reduce their impact on the environment by eliminating exhaust emissions, lowering noise and providing a powerful alternative to gasoline-powered equipment. Low maintenance and operating cost eliminate hassle and cost of fuel. No battery memory limitation, no gradual drop in power. Equipment in the 135 professional platform runs at full speed until the battery is depleted.


Billy Goat

Indoor Booth No. 5016

Outdoor Booth No. 6480D

The new Billy Goat high-volume clean-up Leaf Dragon Leaf Loader features a fuel efficient 37 gross hp, EFI Vanguard 933cc engine coupled to a 25-inch shredding impeller with a long span belt and generates 6,900 cfm of leaf suction. The electric start engine has automotive-style cold weather starting and is up to 25 percent more fuel efficient than carbureted models. Add a 16-inch-by-10-foot curbside intake hose supported with a three-position locking boom providing 45 square feet.


John Deere

Indoor Booth No. 1110

Outdoor Booth No. 7834D

(Photo: John Deere)
(Photo: John Deere)

John Deere’s new lineup of G-tier compact loaders offer rugged and reliable solutions with operator comfort, visibility, versatility and ease of servicing. John Deere is excited to reveal the brand new 184 G-tier and redesigned 304 G-tier to customers attending the show. Operators will enjoy many comfort enhancements, including an improved air conditioning system, ergonomic, low-effort controls and storage, seat and steering adjustment capabilities. Operators can connect and disconnect attachments from the seat of the cab by pressing a switch. The third-function controls are located directly on the main hydraulic joystick.


Aspire Software

Indoor Booth No. 1164

Photo courtesy of Aspire Software
(Photo courtesy of Aspire Software)

Aspire’s business management software was created by contractors for contractors with features specifically designed to serve the unique needs of the landscape industry. Aspire’s all-in-one platform equips professionals with real-time data, historical reporting and data analytics to uncover operational inefficiencies and make data-driven decisions. Aspire’s integrated platform provides a single source of truth for your teams and eliminates the confusion of disconnected or manual solutions. With instant access to all your company’s data and estimating based on real-time job costing, you and your team can know your numbers at a glance — enabling you to course correct immediately and remain profitable.



Indoor Booth No. 11146

Outdoor Booth No. 7734D

Takeuchi’s new TB335R is a compact, short-tail-swing excavator with minimal overhang behind the operator’s seat. It also provides stability rarely found in a short tail swing machine, along with smooth, intuitive controls that help operators tackle tough jobs with ease. The TB335R’s compact size and short tail swing will help contractors work in smaller urban areas or residential yards with less disturbance to the surrounding area. Because it is very stable for a machine of this type, it also helps contractors do their job more safely and with greater peace of mind.



Indoor Booth No. 23072

Photo: Polaris
Photo: Polaris)

The Pro XD is built to withstand the toughest worksites without compromising safety or uptime. Engineered from the inside-out for job site compliance, Pro XD commercial UTVs provide safety, durability and serviceability. The newest addition to the Polaris Ranger UTV family, the Ranger XP Kinetic features an all-electric powertrain, which gives customers a sustainable option for off-road work needs.



Yanmar Compact Equipment

Indoor Booth No. 1142

Outdoor Booth No. 7766D

(Photo: Yanmar)
(Photo: Yanmar)

The next-generation ViO17-1E mini excavator offers improved operator comfort, convenience and ease of use. Finding equipment that is both powerful enough for efficient performance and compact enough for tight spaces is often a challenge for operators. The ViO17-1E mini excavator solves this problem with a 14.5-hp Yanmar engine matched with true zero-tail swing technology. The ViO17-1E features a light footprint for minimized damage to soft, delicate surfaces.


Milwaukee Tool

Indoor Booth No. 20062

(Photo: Milwaukee Tool)
(Photo: Milwaukee Tool)

The Milwaukee M18 Fuel 21-inch Self-Propelled Dual Battery Mower delivers cut quality and more max torque than 200cc gas competitors. With a true 21-inch cut capacity and 3-in-1 grass management capability for bagging, mulching and rear side discharge, the mower reduces missed blades of grass and clumps. Throughout the U.S., we are seeing a large focus on reducing noise and emissions. The M18 Fuel 21-inch Self-Propelled Dual Battery Mower delivers the performance that professionals require to get the job done while staying fully compliant with emerging regulations. The mower is compatible with more than 250 solutions on Milwaukee’s M18 platform.


ASV Holdings

Indoor Booth No. 1142

Outdoor Booth No. 7766D

The Yanmar-powered RT-50 Posi-Track loader offers a 53.8 hp engine, up 8 percent from the previous model. The new RT-50 also offers improved serviceability as well as new comfort, visibility and performance features. Operator fatigue can often impact efficiency, and ASV’s new RT-50 offers new comfort features to its compact cab, from extra space and partially adjustable armrests to a single-sided lap bar for easy entry and exit and a pressurized cab.



Indoor Booth No. 7018

Outdoor Booth No. 7441D

PermaGreen is the original ride-on spreader-sprayer. Our flagship machine, the PermaGreen Triumph, supercharges performance, production and profitability for any and every lawn care business performing turf applications. The Triumph’s patented mechanically-regulated spray/spread system makes sure the product gets put down right the first time. Lawn care professionals get better results, which gets them more customers. With the ability to spread and spray lawns at 3,500 square feet a minute, you can do the work of 1 to 2 applicators.



Indoor Booth No. 5016

Outdoor Booth No. 6480D

Photo: Vanguard
(Photo: Vanguard)

Utilizing advanced lithium-Ion technology, the Vanguard 1.5kWh Swappable Battery Pack features a robust battery management system (BMS) that constantly monitors temperature, individual current voltages as well as charge and discharge currents to ensure safe operation and reliable efficiency. The battery can be easily swapped out between applications to reduce downtime and can be used in tandem with other Vanguard battery packs to meet larger power needs. The compact, modular design of the pack, allows it to easily integrate into multiple applications.


Grasshopper Mowers

Indoor Booth No. 9136

Outdoor Booth No. 7542D

(Photo: Grasshopper Mowers)
(Photo: Grasshopper Mowers)

The Grasshopper Stand-On Series is currently available in 52- and 61-inch cutting widths with Grasshopper’s patented T-Drive transmission and an adjustable Control Tower. Stand-on mowers take up less space on a trailer, allowing more room for other units and/or other equipment, and some contractors believe stand-on mowers provide better visibility and agility in certain applications. The Grasshopper Stand-On Series will complement the company’s existing lineup of mid-mount and front-mount zero-turn mowers and implements.


Scythe Robotics

Indoor Booth No. 2088

Outdoor Booth No. 6030D

(Photo: Scythe Robotics)
(Photo: Scythe Robotics)

Scythe Sight — the computer vision technology powering M.52 — enables the autonomous commercial mower to see and safely respond to its surroundings in the same way a human operator would as it navigates around a property. Using Scythe Sight, M.52 can detect an obstacle, identify it and take the proper action — all on its own. It will go around a tree or a pole but stop for a human. Through a revolutionary process commonly called machine learning, M.52 sees more with every mow, meaning its ability to identify and respond to different obstacles continually improves.


Warming Trends

Indoor Booth No. 25003

Outdoor Booth No. 4308D

The revolutionary new fitting from Warming Trends, the Waterstop, keeps the gas supply line dry while allowing the Crossfire Brass burners to self-purge any water in the manifold. The patent-pending Waterstop fitting protects electronics and valve systems from water and debris while delivering outstanding flame performance.


Boss Software

Indoor Booth No. 24078

(Photo: Boss Software)
(Photo: Boss Software)

The invoicing feature on Boss is fast, accurate and easy to use. Built into the same platform that tracks employees’ hours and material costs, you can invoice the same day the work is completed. Lawn and landscape contractors and snow removal professionals need the ability to produce accurate, detailed invoices and send them to clients in a timely fashion. Without a reliable invoicing system, your company’s financial performance is at risk, and your ability to plan, manage and grow can be hindered. Boss’ approach to invoicing promotes accuracy and speed and makes invoicing easy on you and your clients.


Leaf Burrito

Indoor Booth No. 276

Leaf Burrito reusable bags efficiently collect and transport landscaping debris and replaces tarps, burlaps and single-use bags. The patented design opens flat for easy loading and is then zipped closed via heavy-duty zippers. Ergonomic handles make lifting and transporting incredibly efficient and safe. Our custom UV-coated mesh is breathable and durable. It will not tear even if it has been cut. Multiple burritos stack neatly or can be zipped together to create a larger catch area or as a cover for trucks and trailers. They provide a safer and more professional way to maintain grounds to protect your crews and your budgets.


(Photo: Jacto)
(Photo: Jacto)


Indoor Booth No. 1000

The Jacto DJB-20S is a combination sprayer/doser and utilizes a smartphone app to both set timed doses and map areas that have been sprayed. In the nursery/greenhouse market, the dosing capability means complete consistency in applying fertilizers, etc. In roadside weed abatement, the actual spraying coverage can be logged to prove that the work has been accomplished. Digital record keeping can aid in cases where documentation is vital.


Pool & Hot Tub Alliance and Genesis

Indoor Booth No. 29064

The Pool & Hot Tub Alliance and Genesis offer comprehensive certification and education for veteran pool professionals and those interested in getting started. Learn how to build your future customers the world-class pools of their dreams. The Pool & Hot Tub Alliance and Genesis will provide you with engineering, construction, hydraulics and design. We’ve got expert instructors who will get to know you and your challenges through virtual and in-person courses. Best practices for design and building pools are a given, but what we can do for your team and your business is what really matters.



Indoor Booth No. 7080

Outdoor Booth No. 7444D

(Photo: Exmark)
(Photo: Exmark)

Exmark is introducing its first battery-powered commercial walk-behind mower — the Commercial 21 V-Series. Ideal for landscape contractors operating in zero-emission areas or HOA/quiet zones, the Commercial 21 V-Series delivers Exmark’s quality of cut in a battery-powered mower. Designed as a commercial mower first, the Commercial 21 V-Series operates well below the 85bB threshold OSHA uses for hearing protection. The electric power unit virtually eliminates maintenance, with no oil changes, no gas and ease of starting.




Indoor Booth No. 3027

(Photo: Vectorworks)
(Photo: Vectorworks)

Transform your design, modeling and presentation workflows with Vectorworks Landmark, the landscape-focused BIM software solution made specifically for landscape architects and designers. With intelligent objects, powerful databases and flexible documentation features, Landmark streamlines integrated 2D and 3D landscape-specific BIM workflows all in one application. With everyday performance improvements that will speed up your processes and leave you more time to design, Vectorworks Landmark 2023 offers added 3D plant content, expanded file referencing and new tools for site grading and hedgerows.


Earth & Turf

Indoor Booth No. 364

Outdoor Booth No. 6241D

Earth & Turf’s first-ever stand-on topdresser spreads faster than standard self-propelled units. Topdressing no longer has to be a walk-behind machine with Earth & Turf’s new stand-on model. Operators can spread at 7 mph without wearing out their legs.


(Photo: NW Quik Pull)
(Photo: NW Quik Pull)

NW Quik Pull

Indoor Booth No. 24064

NW Quik Pull is a lightweight, manual, easy-to-use post-pulling and landscaping tool. It uses mechanical leverage to pull posts, shrubs, stumps, grapevines and more without digging. This tool can go where large equipment can’t or shouldn’t. It has a small footprint and is a green tool because it’s all mechanical with no engine, hydraulics or pneumatics.



Bravo Trailers

Indoor Booth No. 10134

Outdoor Booth No. 5110D

(Photo: Bravo Trailers)
(Photo: Bravo Trailers)


Bravo Trailers features a cableless aluminum ramp door for enclosed trailers, which is safer, offers less maintenance and has no corrosion. Bravo Trailers prevents ramp cable failures and crews from tripping over cables and it saves on ramp cable and spring maintenance.





(Photo: Porcelain Driveway)
(Photo: Porcelain Driveway)

Porcelain Driveway Systems by Cercan Tile

Indoor Booth No. 30010

Porcelain Driveway Systems by Cercan Tile is the only proven system for installing and dry laying 3/4-inch porcelain tiles on driveways. 



Turf Teq

Indoor Booth No. 9150

Outdoor Booth No. 7443D

The Turf Teq 1305PR1 Power Rake is the perfect tool for all types of seedbed preparation and turf renovation. The Power Rake has a 36-inch-wide drum with welded teeth and is designed to dig and scuff up the soil. The Power Rake is the perfect size for smaller jobs and is more productive than a hand rake and easier to transport and maneuver than a skid-steer or tractor-mounted rake.



Indoor Booth No. 7148

Outdoor Booth No. 7600D

(Photo: Toro)
(Photo: Toro)

The new Toro Dingo TX 1300 brings a new combination of power, reach and convenient control to the Toro Dingo lineup. The Dingo TX 1300 features an exclusive Intellescope loader arm with SmartLoad technology, giving the operator an additional 26 inches of reach. A hinge-pin height of 109 inches allows for loads to be lifted over the side of a dumpster or truck.





Stellar Industries

Indoor Booth No. 3008

The Stellar NXT18 Hooklift is an 18,000-pound capacity hoist built for a class four through seven chassis. This strong but lightweight unit is capable of loading, unloading and dumping various truck bodies to make quick work of landscape and hardscape material hauling. The Stellar NXT18 Hooklift features approximately a 7.5-inch lost load height. Stellar provides a lower vertical center of gravity and the ability to accommodate down to 4-inch sub-frame heights.



Indoor Booth No. 384

(Photo: Peco)
(Photo: Peco)

The Pro12 DFS (Dump from Seat) is a mounted debris collection system for ZTR mowers with a powerful four-blade steel impeller and aluminum box designed for dumping from the operator’s seat. The Pro 12DFS will increase your productivity, whatever your application. Our patented mid-mounted blower has the power to handle today’s high-output commercial mower decks.

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