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Bruce’s View: Can we pay more?

April 1, 2015 -  By
Bruce Wilson

Bruce Wilson

How can we afford to pay more for our employees when our customers want to pay less for our work? Wow, it’s the million-dollar question. Especially in the landscape maintenance industry, which is more price-driven than ever. And if we did pay more, would it be worth it? Here’s what I observe in the industry:

-We hire at the lowest cost to us as possible.
-We pay good employees more, and they become well paid.
-We continue to hire at the lower rate.
-We get some employees that scheme to take advantage of us.

What I believe and what I do:

Better is better. If you hire the right people, it can pay off with better-aligned, better-empowered people who produce and perform at better and higher levels.

Go wide and don’t settle. You can’t just pay more; you must interview a selection of people and not settle for someone just because there’s a hole to fill.

Find the “eagle.” Hire people you feel are a cut above, who differentiate themselves by experience and work ethic—with the latter being more important.

Mistakes happen. If you make a bad-hiring call, cut your losses immediately.

Expect. Hold team members and colleagues accountable to be what they profess to be.

Raise the bar. Raise standards for performance and stretch comfort levels.

Coach. Develop potential and grow high-performing people at all levels to increase productivity across the board.

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The author, of the Wilson-Oyler Group, is a 30-year industry veteran. Reach him at

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